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Guy Healy Japan camp

USA Summer Camps

Program Length: 6-week Summer Camp. Most begin mid July through the end of August.

Each summer, Guy Healy, Japan, an education consulting and exchange agency based in Japan, invites over 120 American students and graduates to be American Counselors (ACs), who are friends and teachers to the campers. The Guy Healy program pays for all AC's expenses (other than shopping, personal trips, etc). In return, ACs work 9 camp sessions throughout a two month span.

Camps generally run for three days and are sometimes back to back. ACs are split into teams and sent to different locations, such as Nagasaki, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Kita Kyushu and Kumamoto.The three days are filled with activities that are both fun and educational.

While camp is in session, the counselor's time is focused on the students, as they are the number one priority. On some days off, counselors have personal traveling days to explore larger Japanese cities or have personal relaxation time. At other times, counselors will spend time with a Japanese host family, which allows the counselor to experience even more about Japanese culture.  

Guy Healy, Japan, pays for airfare from the United States to specific locations in Japan,  transportation costs within Japan, meals and housing. This opportunity does not provide a salary and credits are not earned. 

Guy Healy Summer Camp is an opportunity to work with young people, learn more about yourself and experience another culture. 

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