Classified Evaluation Procedure

 1. Supervisor and employee meet

    * Discuss key responsibilities as derived from the employee's Position Description
    * Set performance standards

2. Supervisor provides feedback and reinforcement through monitoring and coaching

    * Positive feedback to reinforce satisfactory and/or improved performance.
    * Supportive feedback which helps employee solve problems and develop their own decision-making skills.
    * Constructive feedback which shows an employee a better way to do things.
    * Consequential feedback that lets employee know what to expect - positive and, if necessary, negative consequences.

3. Supervisor schedules annual performance evaluation with employee in April or as appropriate for probationary employees

    * Supervisor completes form, prepares for interview.
    * Employee does self-appraisal, prepares for interview.

4. Appraisal Interview

    * Performance analyzed
    * Improvement plan discussed
    * Employee's career goals discussed
    * Form signed and distributed

5. Cycle Repeats

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