Evaluation Form Instructions

 Sections 1, 2 and 6 should be completed and discussed by the employee and supervisor at the beginning of employment and/or for the upcoming year. This is considered a planning session. It will allow the employee an opportunity to understand what are the key responsibilities and what is expected of them. Sections 3 , 4 and 7 should be completed and discussed at the annual review and/or if the employee is on probation, at the 3 or 5 month review period. Employee input is an important aspect of the performance standards process.

Probationary Review: Check appropriate box in section 8 and return to Human Resources no later than two weeks prior to completion of 3 or 6 months. If performance problems occur at anytime during the first 6 months of employment, contact the Human Resources Office immediately.

SECTION #1: Identify the KEY RESPONSIBILITIES or primary tasks of the position.

1. Review the most recent Position Description:

   1. Identify listed functions, which are being performed.
   2. Identify functions which are being performed but are not listed in the Position Description; an
   3. Together with the employee, make appropriate revisions to the Position Description and submit to the Human Resources Office.

2. Identify and state the common categories into which the duties naturally fall. Key responsibilities are the major job components or primary responsibilities critical to success or failure in the position. Most positions will have 3-8 key responsibilities.

SECTION #2: Identify measurable and objective EXPECTED RESULTS (performance standards) which will reflect the minimum level of performance considered acceptable for the key responsibilities.

   1. Explain how performance in key responsibilities contributes to unit objectives.
   2. Ask employee to suggest possible performance standards.
   3. Write them as specific and measurable performance standards of satisfactory levels of performance.
   4. List them in descending order of importance.

SECTION #3: Identify the ACTUAL RESULTS, which reflect the degree to which the overall performance of the key responsibilities meet the EXPECTED RESULTS.

   1. Were the standards met?
   2. Were they not met?

SECTION #4: Identify the necessary JOB RELATED IMPROVEMENT AND/OR DEVELOPMENTAL GOALS to ensure that the key responsibilities are appropriately identified and acceptably performed. Ask the employee what assistance will be needed to accomplish performance standards.

SECTION #5: Discuss EMPLOYEE CAREER GOALS and list other comments as appropriate.

   1. Indicate to employee how his/her performance will be monitored and evaluated against the performance standards.

SECTION #6 AND #7: Obtain signature.

SECTION #8: Check appropriate box for probationary reviews only.

FORM DISTRIBUTION: Please send Human Resources the original evaluation form, and provide yourself and employee with a copy of the evaluation form.

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