Steps in Filling a Limited Term LTE Position

Limited term employees (LTE) are hired for positions which are temporary and for which the individual will not attain permanent status. LTE are limited to working less than 1043 hours per year on one appointment

  • Contact HR Assistant (Kathy Youngmail), 216 North Hall, 715-425-3518, to discuss vacancy.  Provide a position descriptiondocument so the correct classification title, salary, continuity (short-term vs. recurring), etc. can be determined.   
  • Upon determination of the classification title, and continuity, the supervisor will submit the posting as the "Hiring Manager" in the on-line recruitment system.   
  • Upon receiving all the necessary approvals in the on-line recruitment system, the HR Assistant will discuss options with the supervisor.  Options are:
             o  reviewing applications in pool posting (if applicable)
             o  approve for internal (when supervisor has specific candidate in mind
             o  move forward with public posting
  • HR will notify candidates of selection to interview and schedule those who are interested.  
  • Supervisor will discuss hiring decision with HR, HR will offer position to candidate.

User Guides

LTE Workflowdocument

LTE Hiring Managerdocument

Administrator Approval to Hire (includes Director/Dean roles)document

Agencies must appoint a person for a LTE position who is a Wisconsin resident*. "Resident of this state" means a person who, on the date an application under s. 230.16(1) is filed:
*Has established a residence as defined in s. 6.10(1) , in this state not less than ten days earlier;
*Has resided in this state for not less than a total of one year out of the immediately preceding five years;
*Is eligible to register to vote in this state; or
*Is the spouse of a person meeting the requirements of par. (a), (b), or (c)

Section 6.10(1), Wis. Stats., states:
The residence of a person is the place where the person's habitation is fixed, without any present intent to move, and to which, when absent, the person intends to return.

A person who is eligible to register to vote must be at least 18 years of age as of Election Day, a United States citizen, and a Wisconsin resident for ten days.

Limited Term FAQ'sdocument




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