Falcon Grants

Falcon Grants are designed to support and encourage students to participate in undergraduate research, scholarly and creative activities.  

Specifically, it has been established to provide funding to support the conduct of URSCA projects in association with a faculty or staff mentor and/or to attend professional meetings with or without a presentation of the results from their projects. The program is designed to be inclusive of all fields of study and their respective professional activities, therefore the Falcon Grant program is open to students from all disciplines and fields.

Falcon Grants was designed and is administered by SURSCA (the Society for Undergraduate Research, Scholarly and Creative Activities), a student organization dedicated to enhancing the culture of URSCA on our campus.  The program is designed with student peer-review of the competitive applications as a cornerstone (overseen by SURSCA administration).  Falcon Grants has three grant categories: Project Grant, Individual Travel Grants and Group Travel Grants. 


Falcon Grant - Project

Project grants are designed to support student participation in RSCA projects with a faculty or staff mentor.  The grant is intended to cover material costs associated with the project and so to facilitate the conduct of these projects.  

Falcon Grant - Travel (Individual and Group)

Travel Grants are designed to provide funds for student travel to present the results of research, scholarly, and creative activity (regardless of whether that work was funded through a Project Grant or not).  Funding for travel includes two categories of application: presentation grants and participation grants. The two categories are weighted differently in terms of funding and priority to reflect the relative importance and impact on the student's educational and professional development. In addition to these considerations, travel to national/international level meetings will also be prioritized relative to regional and state meetings.

Funded Applications

Students who receive a Falcon Grant are required to submit a written conclusion of your experience that the funding sponsored.  The submission should include, but not limited to, thoughts after the conference and/or project, what was gained or learned from the experience, and general information on how the funding assisted you.  Failure to complete this requirement, even on grants for reimbursement, will result in students becoming ineligible for Falcon Grants during the following semester.  The submissions will be used on the SURSCA webpage and as a promotional and tracking tool.

Falcon Grants

Please select the appropriate link below and complete the application for online submission.


Project Grant Applicationlink

To apply for funds to cover material costs associated with an URSCA project.

Individual Travel Applicationlink

To apply for funds to travel to present or attend a conference for one student.

Group Travel Applicationlink

To apply for funds to travel to present at a conference, one application per group project.  To apply for travel funds to attend a conference, one application per group. One student per group should complete the application. 


All Falcon Grant submissions are peer-reviewed by the students of SURSCA.

Congratulations to the 2012-13document and 2013-14document Falcon Grant recipients!

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