CAFES Outstanding Faculty Award

This award is presented to an outstanding faculty member in the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences, selected by their peers. The recipient is announced at the annual CAFES Awards Banquet.

Past Award Winners

1984 Lee Wittwer
1985 Bob Baker
1986 Larry Meyers
1987 Bill Mahanna
1988 Terry Ferris
1989 Jerry Nolte
1990 Phil George
1991 Larry Kasten
1992 Chuck Jones
1993 Dean Henderson
1994 Jerry Matteson
1995 Ian Williams
1996 Perry Clark
1997 Lewi May
1998 Lou Greub
1999 Dick Jensen
2000 Bill Cordua
2001 Jim Shatava
2002 Bob Butler
2003 Stan Schraufnagel
2004 Jerry Nechville
2005 Steve Carlson
2006 Gary Onan
2007 Tony Jilek
2008 Mike Kaltenberg
2009 Dean Olson
2010 Steve Kelm
2011 Don Taylor
2012 Sylvia Kehoe
2013 Bill Anderson

Wisconsin Distinguished Agriculturalist Award

The Wisconsin Distinguished Agriculturalist Award is sponsored by the UW-River Falls College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences and is presented to an individual in the agricultural or natural resources fields who has provided outstanding leadership, service, and other contributions to the agricultural community.

The selection of the Wisconsin Distinguished Agriculturalist is based on the following criteria:

  • Leadership positions and activities related to agriculture and/or natural resources.
  • Contributions to and association with the UW-River Falls and the College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Science.
  • Statewide recognition for contributions to agriculture.
  • National and international activities and accomplishments.
  • Accomplishments and activities that extend beyond the individual's normal employment.

This is not an award for recognizing contributions to an individual department within the College or a specific group, but rather for contributions to the entire agricultural and natural resource community.

Len Bayer, 2013 Wisconsin Distinguished Agriculturalist

The selected individual will be recognized and presented with this award at the 48th Annual CAFES Awards Banquet on Thursday, April 24.

Past Award Winners

1970 Don McDowell (d)
1971 Ken Wallin (d)
1972 Dale Aebischer (d)
1973 Glenn Gerhard (d)
1974 Leonard Peck
1975 Lyle Lamphere (d) and Norm Christianson (d)
1976 Wallace Jerome (d)
1977 Gilbert Rohde (d)
1978 Art Kurtz (d)
1979 Myron Mommsen (d)
1980 Wayne Danielson
1981 Howard McCarty (d)
1982 Glen Gearing (d)
1983 Floyd Doering (d)
1984 Ralph Yohe (d)
1985 Thomas L. Lyon
1986 LaVerne Ausman
1987 Arnold Cordes (d)
1988 John Rosenow
1989 Fritz Friday
1990 Robert E. Walton
1991 Robert and Karen Schauf
1992 Louis Wysocki
1993 Russ Weisensel
1994 Lee C. Hansen
1995 Rod Nilsestuen (d)
1996 John P. Selz
1997 Loren Wolfe
1998 Ken Sipple (d)
1999 Will Dahl
2000 Rod Rommel
2001 James Harsdorf
2002 R. Douglas Wilson
2003 Bob Bosold
2004 Virgil O. Martinson
2005 Barbara Gronemus
2006 Christine Jumbeck
2007 Ed Hass
2008 Shaun Duvall
2009 James Wysocki
2010 Lee Milligan (d)
2011 Juris Plesums
2012 Dean Gagnon
2013 Len Bayer

d = deceased

Bill Anderson, Outstanding Teacher 2013

Nominations for the 2014 Wisconsin Distinguished Agriculturalist are closed. Thank you.

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